Social change. It is a process that happens all around us, everywhere, hard to understand, challenging to influence, and mostly indifferent to our existence. Yet scary as this may be, all those we work with play roles in influencing and changing societies. Social change is our business, and our business is seeking the advancement of social and environmental justice. As Wayfairers, we do not bring instant answers, but specialize in accompaniment, being a guide and a companion on journeys that pursue the rights and equal treatment of all of us, and all our children.

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Action Research

We have worked with CARE Country Offices to conduct participatory action research to understand the dynamics of poverty and injustice in the villages where they work; and put in place rights-based programmes to contribute toward equitable and sustainable social change.

Agents of Change

Innovators across diverse organizations are constantly exploring how to work more effectively to make a greater difference, cultivate key relationships, and remain at the vanguard of the evolving demands and environments in which we work. WayFair is a new organization, but with a team that is experienced at guiding groups through complex change processes and in developing and guiding innovative programming. We are a resource for innovators. Our commitment is to advise and support change leaders in reinventing their work to craft and anchor new forms of success.

The Palestinian Stone Thrower who Established a Music School

I visited Palestine for the first time this month. Although there only for an all too brief week, I did manage to visit Ramallah, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. None were as expected, especially Gaza. But this story relates to Ramallah.

Making Revolutions in a Timeless World

Wandering through hazy-blue, crop-green rural areas and mud-brick, dusty villages in Upper Egypt right now, a chance to see how far the revolution and the rekindling of pride and dignity it has generated has penetrated. It has.


WayFair is a new, experimental organization intended to be something different from a normal consulting company. Whether we manage to achieve this, time will tell. The idea is for us to be a partnership based organisation and to undertake ‘accompaniment’ work.