About Us

What We Do

At its core, Wayfair comprises a small but growing team of diverse agents of change with experience and skills across a myriad of contexts, languages and cultures that come together to:

  • Act as a resource for innovators seeking to connect with others and we effectively manage relationships over time
  • Accompany organisations and teams to improve their effectiveness through inquiry and deepening a shared understanding of issues to address challenges.
  • Facilitate the negotiation of new organizational practice.
  • Address systems and intuitively simplify the solutions.

We are adaptable, but pragmatic, intuitively seeking opportunities as they arise. Our commitment is to social justice and through this a better deal for the environment too, and how both can add value to your own business. Our vision is steeped in practice and experience. We sense, identify and realize change.


Guiding our work are a set of core working principles:

  • Advocating for fairness and justice – furthering the equity and rights of all
  • Being critical thinkers – adding quality and rigour
  • Nurturing creativity and intuition – learning how to identify and seize the opportunity
  • Stimulating learning and reflection – valuing the knowledge and analytical capacities within
  • Melding diverse perspectives to generate new understandings and pathways
  • Sharing accountability – our stake in your success
  • Learning how to bend and adapt – moving forward, even with the unexpected
  • Embracing change – the fountain of life