Agents of Change

NepalInnovators across diverse organizations are constantly exploring how to work more effectively to make a greater difference, cultivate key relationships, and remain at the vanguard of the evolving demands and environments in which we work.

WayFair is a new organization, but with a team that is experienced at guiding groups through complex change processes and in developing and guiding innovative programming.

We are a resource for innovators. Our commitment is to advise and support change leaders in reinventing their work to craft and anchor new forms of success.

Those we are working with are making transformative journeys to solve complex problems that support the achieving of greater social justice: to support poor women and marginalized groups in Nepal to uphold their rights in a time of unprecedented change; to promote new forms of local development that empower the poor in Bangladesh; learning on gender equity, governance and catalyzing action across different regions; deepening the kinds of analyses needed to understand the underlying barriers to change in the lives of excluded and extremely poor groups, especially women; developing long term programs that are challenging the myths inherent in conventional project construction in the development industry.

WayFair offers steadfast support over time to cultivate, test, review and refine ideas for change that have the power to align a compelling vision with grounded practice. We are analysts, writers, facilitators, thinkers, designers, networkers, synthesists, evaluators and negotiators. Our strengths lie in our collective experiences of leading complex change management and action research processes across diverse contexts and languages.

With your ideas for innovation, WayFair can accompany your process of change through the analysis, generation of commitment, learning and action that is required to transform an organization, leverage beneficial change and remain at the forefront of diverse industries.