Gender and Analysis

Client: CARE International (2010-2012)

Developing a web-based compendium of studies, lessons learnt and analysis methods to facilitate organizational learning and gender equality standards across CARE’s work.

Client: IKM Emergent (2011-2012)

Engaging action research to explore how development project aims and issues can emerge from indigenous knowledge, contexts and priorities for highly pertinent and sustainable change.

Training and Support

Client:CARE East and Central Africa Region (2010-2011)

Working with country office teams to support them in undertaking situational analysis from macro, meso to micro levels to both build regional capacities in analysis and inform long-term program design.

Strategic Planning

Client: ChildFund International and CARE (2011-2012)

Working with development and rights organizations to develop long-term programs based on theories of changes that define a long-term vision and take into account the complex realities of working with societies.

Client: CARE International (2010-2011)

Undertake an 8-country exercise to explore how Country Offices developed and operationalized theories of change, with practical recommendations to advance this work.