Our Work

Working through change is complex and each process is unique. There is no set formula or steps to accompany change. Instead WayFairers listen, explore and adapt and tailor our approaches to each organization and situation. We work with a core set of principles and methods. We can help you to navigate the challenges in leading change through a combination of processes in:

Analysis and Assessment

  • Reviewing literature and experience. Desk and interactive reviews to synthesize existing experience and understanding
  • Social research and analysis. Undertaking field based research, as capacity building or otherwise, using participative but rigorous methodologies
  • Evaluating value. Appreciative inquiry to understand the nature of achievements that have taken place, and how these contribute to demonstrating organizational effectiveness

Strategic Thinking and Acting

  • Discovery processes. Working with the key actors to reach agreements on what really needs to be addressed and the kind of process required
  • Strategic planning in a changing world. Using Theory U and other more intuitive forms of planning that connect heart, will and mind, and engage whole teams and organizations
  • Mapping change processes and moving them forward. Using organizational mechanisms like workstreams and forms of action planning that actually work
  • Designing programs. Working with relevant actors to build the kinds of consensus and ownership needed to move forward designs that will make a difference


  • Reflective practice. Facilitating exercises that draw out implicit as well as explicit experience to produce the kind of knowledge that can improve action in the future
  • Productive dialogues around key issues that are generative in nature and lead to new thinking on organizational ways forward
  • Designing and facilitating learning events

Cultivating Relationships

  • Networking, building partnership and forging linkages. Working with diverse actors to foster forms of consensus on how to move forward on core issues
  • Team building. Developing understandings of how teams can make a real difference and play a leading role in change processes.